Vector SVG format of handwritten digits from MNIST database

Choose a color scheme:

Click on the image of the digit to download the SVG image file. Use Google Chrome browser for the best view.

The first 100 images of the training set of handwritten digits from the MNIST database are presented in the table.

Scientists often need to add numbers from the MNIST database to the publications or presentations. The vector format of drawings is the most suitable for PDF files. It makes the graphical presentation of information of higher quality, has a compact size and minimal distortion when scaling. You can download the SVG file of the presented digits and convert the images to any other vector format (WMF, EPS, PDF, etc.) or raster format (JPG, BMP, etc.) using graphics editors, for example, CorelDRAW. Then the picture can be added to MS Word file and saved in PDF format. An example of the use of digits in a scientific publication is available at

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